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Kataragama is well known among locals for the famous sacred Kataragama temple, which draws devotees from across the land. However that is not all you can enjoy while on vacation here. being located along the route to Yala, a visit to the famous Yala national park is a short drive away from the holiday home,while

the well known "Wedasiti Kanda" is also a short distance away and can even be seen from the holiday home itself. Kataragama is perfectly located where one can enjoy an adventurous and outdoor activity or even a more peaceful visit to the sacred temple.

Kataragama Devala

The Kataragama Devalaya is associated with the Hindu God Murukan and believed to be a powerful deity. The people of various religions and races turn to him in earnest with the belief of obtaining help from him in business matters and other personal problems. The famous Kataragama festival is celebrated in true grandeur and is one that should not be missed if you happen to visit during that time of the year.

Wedasiti Kandha

The place is known to have been where the God of Kataragama lived and is a sacred location to both Buddhists and Hindhus. A two hour walk will bring you to the peak of the mountain where there is more than just beautiful scenery to observe.

Yala National Park

The Yala National Park, home to a large species of birds and other wild life is known locally and internationally. The second largest national park in the island, Yala national park is well known for game and bird watching as it has one of the largest varieties of bird species in the island. Additional to the amazing collection of wildlife Yala also boasts a dense collection of bio diversity.

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