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Dickoya is one of the more adventurous locations in Sri Lanka, with many outdoor activities available to you at any hour of the day. From trekking, cycling, hiking and bird watching to a tour of the large tea estate and tea factory, this town

is filled with things to do. A climb up "Sri Pada" or Adam's Peak is a must if you visit Dickoya, where you can witness a beautiful sunrise from atop the hill any time of the year.

St. Claire's Waterfall

Located a bit further off Dickoya, on the route towards Nuwara Eliya, St. Claire's waterfall is one of the most breathtaking sights down that route. The St. Claire's tea centre is located in close proximity where you can enjoy a refreshing cup of Ceylon tea.


Adams Peak also known as "Siri Paada" is well known among locals as it is a sacred location to Buddhists across the country. Devotees from across the island come on pilgrimages to climb to the peak of the mountain to pay their respects and homage to the sacred foot print which is believed to belong to Lord Buddha. Christians in the island believe it is the foot mark of Adam from the beginning of creation.

Castlereigh Reservoir

The reservoir covers a large expanse of land and was built to control the waters flowing off the Kelani river during the floods. Surrounded by misty hills and lush greenery, the reservoir is an enchanting sight.

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